Many parents strive for their child to be comprehensively developed, hardworking and sociable. Therefore, they are trying to use his abilities and talents in many areas of public life. But even if the baby is interested in learning the world from different angles, this does not mean that it is necessary to teach him everything at once including It is necessary to observe him, to understand what the child is more drawn to, what fascinates him most. It is not worthwhile at the expense of the child to realize his own unfulfilled childhood dreams, forcing him against his will to play the violin or do gymnastics. First of all – the desire of the child.

How to determine what your boy or your girl is predisposed to?

In order not to guess and torment yourself with questions about whether a child has a good ear or voice, whether he is capable of becoming a great chess player or an Olympic champion in the future, you should just take a closer look at him – some behavioral features can accurately tell you the answers to all these questions. .

If your baby is too mobile, even hyperactive, then you need to consider options for playing various sports.

Dancing and will teach the child to control the body, to feel the rhythm, moreover, it is an even posture, developed muscles and a beautiful figure. Athletics, fencing, skating – all this will strengthen the body, the child will develop the desire for improvement, willpower and the desire to go to victory.

If every day you hear your child quietly humming a song, inventing his own melodies and trying to pick up beautiful notes on the neighbor’s piano, then it is obvious that your child is not indifferent to music.

Playing musical instruments will give the child sleight of hand, music instills in the child a sense of beauty and the ability to distinguish “good” music from “bad”. These qualities will not be superfluous in the later life of the child, even if he does not connect his future with music. The ability to sing will also not be a useless exercise, because in any company a singing person will always be surrounded by great attention, he will always have good friends with similar tastes and abilities.

Your wallpaper is decorated with felt-tip pens, and you do not have time to buy new sketchbooks for your child?

It seems that the kid is not indifferent to the fine arts. Ask about his desire, and feel free to go to art school. There, the child will be taught to draw beautifully, select colors and improvise. The child will form his own, unlike anyone else, view of the world around him. Life will be bright, filled with a variety of feelings and emotions, and all this can be displayed with paints on canvas.

It is important to know that each child is endowed with individual characteristics and talents. The main thing is to try to open them and direct them in the right direction.