Vipassana on is one of the most ancient forms of meditation. It was rediscovered for a large number of people 2500 years ago by Gautama Buddha. The Buddha discovered that the cause of suffering can actually be erased by knowing one’s true nature. This is a radical understanding. This means that our happiness does not depend on the outside world. Vipassana meditation is the essence of what the Buddha practiced and taught during his 45 years of ministry. During the time of the Buddha, a large number of people in northern India freed themselves from the bonds of suffering by practicing Vipassana. Over time, technology, due to its simplicity and efficiency, spread to neighboring countries: Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand.

Over the next 500 years, Vipassana gradually disappeared from India. The pure teaching of Vipassana has been lost in other countries as well. However, in Myanmar the practice of Vipassana has been preserved by a chain of devoted teachers. From generation to generation, for two and a half thousand years, this dedicated line has passed on the technique in pristine purity to the present day.

Today, Vipassana meditation is once again popular in India and more than 80 countries thanks to S. N. Goenka. He was commissioned to teach Vipassana by the famous Burmese teacher Sayaji U Ba Khin. Until his death in 1971, Sayagyi was able to see his dream come true. He wanted Vipassana to return to India, the country of origin of this practice, to help the Indian people get out of their many problems.

S.N. Goenka began teaching Vipassana courses in India in 1969. Ten years later, he began teaching meditation in other countries. In his 35 years of teaching, Goenka has taught a large number of ten-day Vipassana courses and trained more than 800 teachers worldwide. Centers for retreats and courses have also been established around the world. The priceless Vipassana diamond, which was kept for a long time in the small country of Myanmar, can now be found in many places around the Earth. Today, more and more people have the opportunity to learn this art of living, which brings enduring peace and happiness.