To awaken a child’s interest in learning and, moms and dads need to understand the motives on which his activity is based. There are 5 main ones:

“I want to be like adults”
Children try to imitate their elders in everything, and this desire drives them in role-playing games. So set a personal example for your child. Show and tell that you are also constantly learning, reading, you are interested and do not want to lag behind others.

“The main thing is to play”
Through the game and, the child tries on different roles, behaviors and learns to live. Play together at school. Let the son or daughter be the teacher, and you the student. Offer to learn letters or numbers with you, this method is also great for memorization.

“I am a person”
The motives of pride and self-affirmation appear at the border of 3-5 years. In order not to meet resistance, show respect to the little person from childhood, and if he does not like to study according to the classic primer, try cubes, cards or games on the tablet until you hear a joyful “yes!”

“I’m good, let’s be friends”
Good relationships with adults and children are important for a child, so he tries to get the approval of others. If you want to motivate him to study, praise him more often for any achievements including

“I want to know what interests me”
The craving for knowledge in children arises when they are interested. In this case, you can come up with educational games with your favorite cartoon characters or toys.