It is known that a huge number of modern people today simply do not know how to relax during the day, and some cannot relax even in their sleep. During sleep, most people’s minds are in an excited state, and in their sleep they also continue to worry and try to solve their problems. This kind of sleep only gives our body a little rest, but our brain and mind continue to be in a state of tension.

And many people have experienced this, waking up in the morning broken and not at all rested. As a result, tension begins to build up in our bodies. The result of this constant tension can be a variety of nervous disorders, such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

People in vain neglect the practice of relaxation and give it little importance. Relaxation is extremely important in everyone’s life, not just the yogi.

Yoga literature states that 20 minutes of total relaxation is equal to 2 hours of deep sleep.

In the arsenal of yoga there are very effective relaxation practices such as calming breathing techniques such as total yoga breathing, the practice of shavasana and on its basis a whole movement called yoga-nidra (yoga of sleep). Another practice that should be mentioned is trataka or gaze unblinking.

It consists of concentrating for some time on some object without blinking until you get teary-eyed. Most often, a candle flame is chosen as the object of concentration. Regular performance of this practice is very effective in calming our mind and leading to a state of tranquility.