Textual evidence

The UK has one Textual evidence of the world’s highest numbers of international students. British educational institutions have an excellent centuries-long track record of providing graduates with a brilliant higher education and good job prospects.

Let’s take a look at housing prices in three major UK study centers – Greenwich, London and Oxford.

Greenwich is the “sea gate” to London, a historic suburb and now an administrative district in the southeast of the British capital. In Greenwich is located quite a number of higher education institutions, prestigious around the world. The cost of a small one-bedroom apartment in Greenwich, for example, near the subway station “Maze Gardens” today is about 450,000 pounds, and a studio of 20-27 square meters – 250-300 thousand pounds. In each case we can talk about discounts and getting a mortgage.

Oxford is known because of the oldest in the English-speaking countries and one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Europe – Oxford University (founded in 1117). This university has given the world about 50 Nobel Prize winners. The current population of the city is about 150,000 people, about 10% of them are students of the university. Conducted by experts MIEL DPM analysis of the prices over the past three months shows that the average cost of an apartment with 1 bedroom is about 160,000 pounds, with 2 bedrooms – 220,000 pounds, 3-bedroom – 315,000 pounds. As for houses, they cost about the same: 2-bedroom at £245,000, 3-bedroom at £305,000 and 4-bedroom at £520,000.

Textual evidence

“As you can see, prices in Oxford are significantly more affordable than in Greenwich. In addition, it is a great investment, as housing in this city is always in demand and there are no issues with further liquidity. If desired, an apartment or house can be rented out, as demand for this service in Oxford is traditionally high, “- said N. Zavalishina.

London. University of London – the second (after the Open University) by the number of students in the UK has an excellent reputation in the country and far beyond. The University of London has a rather complicated structure, including 19 colleges and 12 institutes: the London Business School, the London School of Economics, etc. Classes are held in 160 buildings, most of which are concentrated in the London district of Bloomsbury.

In general, housing prices in London are quite high, but there are also a variety of opportunities. A small studio, away from the historic center, can now be purchased for 170-190 thousand pounds. At the same time, mortgages for foreign nationals are allowed, and the lending rate of 4.5 – 6.5% makes this price even more affordable. If parents assume that their young student in the future and wants to tie his fate with London, it is advisable to buy a house more expensive, larger area, and at the time of training to rent rooms to the whose vs who’s same students. This will greatly help “cope” with the mortgage. Apartment of this type – the area of the order of 90 sq.m. and in a good, but not elite area, today you can buy in London for the starting price of 550 thousand pounds.