Knowing some of the issues related to sex and will help children avoid many troubles, and you will learn about this from our article.

Why is it important to discuss the topic of sex in the family.

American researchers argue that if the topic of sex is hushed up in the family, teenagers themselves find answers to their questions through risky behavior and early sexual life. And in families where frank conversations are held with children on sexual topics and both parents participate in this, children are three times less likely to be exposed to various risks. They deliberately enter into sexual relations, at a more conscious age and with the least risks.

What should mom or dad talk about?

According to a child psychologist, it is better to talk with your daughter about menstruation with your mother, because she knows more about it. And in order for the son to discuss erection and wet dreams, it is better to talk with his father. He is personally familiar with many manifestations of the body in adolescence. Dad will be able to dispel his son’s anxiety associated with a change in voice and appearance. He will support his son during this period.

In the absence of parents, this topic can be discussed with a grandmother, grandfather, uncle or aunt. The main thing is that the conversation should be competent and delicate.

How do parents respond to their children’s questions and

According to the sex educator, parents should not dismiss children who are interested in sex by saying: “ask mom / dad about it.”

If a child addresses a particular parent with a question, then he trusts him more and wants to discuss this issue only with him. And if he does not answer the question, or send it to another parent, then he may never contact his parents again.

Not having received an answer to a question of interest, a teenager will find all the answers on the Internet or from peers. And who knows how correct the knowledge he received will be.

If the daughter still asks her father to talk about menstruation, then he can tell her everything he knows. And then offer to go together to my mother so that she shares her knowledge.

This is how close trusting relationships arise in the family, with the help of which many issues related to children are resolved. Solving problems together and finding answers to children’s questions will help the family to be united, and parents to better understand each other.