Sardonic in a sentence

As technologists Sardonic in a sentence checking on conformity of logic and events to each other, having studied at school on lessons of biology and zoology an origin of kinds of animals with formation from them of the person, laws of preservation of energy and substance – physics with chemistry, In the lessons of geography and astronomy, the formation of the planet from a red-hot sphere with the appropriate stages of transition to the present earthly form – there is no way to believe in God and miracles, the Bible, which states that the Almighty created everything in seven days with people. Looking at Figure 2, we can see that almost any idea can neighbor through many other intermediaries with a diametrically opposite way of gradual drift with “practical identical neighboring colors”, i.e. through analogies.

For example, the so-called ‘complexes’ whose treatment methods and names come from psychologists – humanitarian activists of the United States – who seek to unite different cultures and ethnicities may arise as a result of childhood traumas or gre reading comprehension questions some strong negative events of short duration. And the patient in most cases does not understand the causes of his fears and phobias, because due to the interrelation of all life events with the brain memory (figure 2), any, even positive phenomenon can cause negative emotions, as it has become the basis for the formation of many other areas of memory.

For example, fetishism, as well as interest in the female genital organ, indicates either a low level of education or a humanitarian mindset, as a separate element for a technician cannot serve as a stimulus.

Synergy of humanitarian and technical warehouse of mind in “indigo.
It would seem that the author considered in detail the diameter of the formation of memory of the brain of humanitarian workers and technicians, proving that it is impossible to unite them, but nevertheless there is a type of people that “flushes” the previously mentioned logical reasoning. Spending a minimum of time at school, going to class without textbooks and notebooks, so-called “indigo” amazes teachers and parents with their “extra abilities. Some 10-20 years ago such individuals were treated by others, because they couldn’t communicate in a certain group, now the humanitarian and technical staff, or simply speaking, girls and boys, who previously played and were friends separately from each other with their different leaders and ideas, have to humbly wait for the queue to insert a short line at all times the communicating “united friendship” of different sexes.

Sardonic in a sentence

For example, visiting any of the Internet sites of description of children “indigo” without thinking about what is written, you can visually identify the sexual mixing and related propaganda psychology – under the bark of cut beautiful and obedient boys and the same, but a little bit mischievous girls.

For example, if boys prefer more mobile games, constantly running, jumping and something screaming, and the girls in their custom in one place something among themselves all the time discussing, walking on a small heel under the handle, the “indigo” combine this. The unstoppable flexible and sharp movements of bodies around the invisible ring are interspersed with replicates and violent discussions of the participants, suddenly appearing to separate from the main and again unite similar groups.

Without touching the current policy of dominance of “businessmen”, who are unable to do anything, when prestige, and therefore leadership in society is dictated not by the priorities of one or another of the humanities or technical sciences, but by the “ability to manage people,” let’s consider two extreme cases of work of the schemes presented earlier (Figures 1 and 2) – talents without any colors.

The unstoppable increase in the length of the logical chain leads to the difficulty of joining new information to the existing one, because the qualities of the objects and phenomena surrounding us have many different and simultaneous features. As a result, an individual at first either mistakenly adds new data, spending a lot of effort after retraining, or very long and repeatedly understands the essence of the question. If a person’s memory is too large, it indicates that it is possible to attach new data on any or no basis, or even without evidence of it. As a result, the logical construction of such personalities resemble the work of automated translation from a foreign language – a heap of multi-temporal texts, easily moving into one another, or delirium.