The strength of the phlegmatic is purposefulness and perseverance in achieving the goal and know prime numbers list. Education is given to him with difficulty, but knowledge is also acquired by the phlegmatic thoroughly, firmly. He has a unique ability for monotonous work, which he can perform tirelessly in any, the most difficult conditions, for example, in a noisy classroom. The reliability and fidelity of the phlegmatic are those qualities that are very important in friendships.

The weak side of this type is, of course, slowness. Such a child is slow both in behavior, and in mastering the material, and in the formation of skills – sometimes it gives the impression of a developmental delay, which does not reflect the truth. The phlegmatic person tunes in to a certain plan of action for a long time and is not able to immediately accept changes in it. Naturally, such a warehouse affects the social adaptation of a first grader: it takes longer, especially if the baby feels his failure.

Tips for parents

If you give a phlegmatic child enough time to complete the task and shsat prep, do not rush him, he will perfectly cope with the most difficult tasks, which will undoubtedly increase his success. Talk about it with the teacher, connect the school psychologist to the conversation. Your child, like no other, needs an individual approach, which is provided by the “Primary School of the XXI century” system.
Develop the curiosity of the phlegmatic: support any interest shown by the child, appreciate his initiative.
Learn how to properly manage your time to keep up with the pace of classwork. Celebrate and reward speed in completing a task.
Help your child choose a friend among classmates, support their relationship.