All living organisms, all nature is in a state of constant movement, continuous pulsation and vibrates with a certain rhythm. Synchronization with this rhythm of life allows you to calm the fluctuations of the mind, disconnect from its unrest and plunge into a meditative state. Japa as a form of concentration involves continuously repeating a mantra and synchronizing it with one’s breath and/or pulse. It is believed that this technique and helps to relieve tension and prepares for the transition to a transcendent state of meditation.

The most common mantra for the practice of Japa concentration is the OM mantra. The repetition of the sacred sound, which underlies the entire universe (it is believed that it is this vibration that lies at the beginning of all things), has an incredibly calming effect on the mind. There is a tradition that prescribes to repeat the mantra OM 108 times. In order not to be distracted by keeping score, it is recommended to use a small or rosary, the handling of which requires a certain skill.

Another common mantra for Japa is the Soham mantra. “So” = “Shiva”, “he” or “the highest degree of awareness of being.” “Ham” = “I am.” However, the meaning of the mantra is not of fundamental importance, much more important is its rhythm and synchronization with breathing. Due to the fact that the sound “Soooo” successfully falls on the inhale, and the sound “Haaammmm” – on the exhale, this mantra has become widespread in the practice of Kundalini yoga.

In general, for Japa concentration, you can choose any mantra, sound combination, affirmation or prayer. The main thing is that, as in the case of the object of contemplation, it evokes strong feelings in you and has a hypnotic effect. So, for example, if you like the Gayatri Mantra, you can synchronize it with your breath like this:

om-bhur-bhuva-svaha (inhale)

tatsavitur-varenyam (exhalation)

bhargo-devasya-dhimahi (inhale)

dhiyo-yo-na-pracodhayat (exhalation).

When repeating the mantra, the whole body should vibrate in the same rhythm. At first, this state is quite difficult to achieve. The mind continues to generate thoughts, they knock you off the set rhythm, attention is scattered. But over time, with the regular practice of Japa, your mantra becomes a powerful tool for setting your consciousness to enter a transcendent state. You literally begin to feel how you merge with vibrations and thereby are transferred to another dimension, initiating a meditative state.