Yoga classes help restore calmness. Performing certain physical exercises, proper breathing in combination with meditation can affect the human nervous system, driving away stress, depression, and anxiety.

How to find peace through asanas?
The path to peace is through relaxation. Each person chooses his own way of relaxation. For a true Christian, peace of mind is achieved by reading prayers, athletes calm down in the process of exhausting training, some eliminate anxiety with the help of needlework and creativity.

The publication Science Alert published the results obtained during a scientific experiment. Under the supervision of the researchers, two groups of volunteers performed asanas daily. The first group focused on the overall development of the body, the second was engaged exclusively in the program of increasing internal strength. Science has confirmed that yoga exercises that help restore calmness and increase self-confidence really work.
Yoga for beginners involves restoring calm in a different way; a variety of asanas, meditation, and breathing practices help with this. This method will help to establish harmony with the outside world, to hear yourself, to find your destiny.

The concept of peace includes several components:

balance of the soul;
body health;
rationality of thought.
Yoga for only half an hour a day gives a good result, in a few months you will notice changes in your life, a transformation of your attitude. The main rule of practice is that yoga lessons should be done regularly. Classes should become a habit, becoming an invariable component of everyday life.

Yoga for spiritual balance
Three simple asanas will help relieve tension after a hard day and find peace. Drop all worries, choose a comfortable place and start practicing.

Important! In order to avoid injuries and bruises, beginners are advised to perform asanas under supervision. Therefore, in the early stages, it is best if an experienced trainer or yoga teacher will work with you.
Asana 1. Forward bends
It would seem that leaning forward, familiar from physical education lessons, does little to restore strength. But this is a mistake – the exercise improves blood circulation, stretches the hip and back muscles, and contributes to the intensive production of serotonin.

You need to stand up straight, spread your legs, inhale and lean forward. Hands should touch the floor. Hold the position, take 3-5 breaths, then return to the starting position.

Asana 2. Plow
Asana is a powerful circulatory stimulant. When it is performed, the blood is saturated with oxygen.

To perform the plow, lie on your back. Slowly pull your knees up to your chest and slowly raise your pelvis, and behind it – legs, which smoothly move behind your head. Take 3-5 deep breaths, lower your body. Ideally, the socks should touch the floor, but don’t be discouraged if the “trick” doesn’t work the first time.

Asana 3. Breathing
Here is an exercise that relieves stress. It is not difficult to perform, the main thing is to follow the technique correctly.

Sit on a chair with one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. As you inhale slowly, watch your diaphragm and lungs expand. You must feel every component of the respiratory system.

Hold your breath for a few seconds, then release the air through your mouth and inhale in reverse order. Repeat the exercise 10 times.