How to save up money to buy a dream

Every paycheck flies away and the car is still not bought? Maybe you dream of wintering in Bali, but you can’t afford to fly under palm trees? Learn to save money right now, and your dreams will come true!

We all have material dreams and goals that we want to achieve as soon as possible. It is no secret that the rich is not the one who saves, but the one who earns, but the competent distribution of financial resources will help to put aside a small stash, not to spend what he earned at once.

If you still can not resist the uncontrolled shopaholism on the day of receiving your salary, this material will be useful to you.

How quickly can you save money from your paycheck
It doesn’t matter how big your monthly salary is as much as your expenses. In order not to stay with a hundred rubles in your pocket by the end of the month and save money for the cherished purchase, it is important to have a clear plan of action.

Budget planning
If you’re faced with something you can’t save for the right thing, whether it’s a shoe, a car or an apartment, then it’s time to keep an accurate count of every penny. Stock up your notebook or notebook, take an hour of personal time and start planning.

Calculate the basic monthly expenses that are inevitable. For example: fees for utilities, training courses, visits to doctors, cosmetologists, etc.
Add to this the cost of daily needs: meals, fare (public transport or gasoline for a private car), morning coffee.
Include in the notebook the amount that can be left on unforeseen expenses, such as car fines, repair of home furniture or appliances, etc.
It is also important to calculate the amount that you need for entertainment: cinema or theatre, shopping, cafes and restaurants.
Finally, the most important part of planning is to allocate a certain amount to buy a dream. Learn more from this place. If you are going to save up to buy a lot of material or real estate, it is important for you:
To assess your real possibilities.
Choose what you want to buy.
Calculate a monthly contribution to your moneybox that will help you make a purchase in a certain amount of time.

Storing funds to buy a dream
Once the financial expenses for the month have been scheduled and the specific amount you plan to save in the piggy bank has been allocated, choose the most efficient and reliable method of storing funds.

Have a separate savings card. This is very convenient for those who do not like to use cash, in addition, “invisible” money does not look so tempting to immediately have a desire to spend it.
Open a deposit in a bank. A responsible but really effective story: you will not only be able to keep your savings in safe conditions, but also receive interest! Find out which bank has the most comfortable conditions for opening a deposit and take action!
Save your savings in a piggy bank or a box. Proven method of our ancestors. Plus: you can feel your savings, count them manually and be motivated. The real result of your actions has a very positive effect on our brain, encouraging us to continue the accumulation process. The downside is that there’s a high risk of being wasted on reckless spending.
How to save for an apartment or car without a loan.
Big purchases require a special approach. Unlike small purchases, these material goals require more time and effort to achieve.

How to save up money to buy a dream

But do not panic: save up for a car or apartment is quite real, especially if you have a clear plan of action.

Set real goals. Economists believe that the cost of buying should not exceed 8-12 months of the buyer’s income.
To save up for a car or apartment, you need to put off about 40-50% of monthly income.
If the postponement of funds embarrasses the living conditions, it is worth finding a part-time job, even if it is the smallest. There will be no need for additional monthly financial inflows.
Give up your bad habits. For example, unreasonable consumption of sweets, caffeine or smoking cigarettes eats up a visible budget gap. Try to save every 200 rubles from an unbought cup of coffee, and in a month will accumulate a decent amount.
Ask to give you money for big holidays. Instead of a dozen unnecessary gifts (like a nice sauce or another mug) ask friends and relatives to throw themselves all over the world.

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