It is very important to monitor the state of health and know how to save yourself during high glucose jumps. Special wellness monitoring is necessary for diabetics. Learn how to reduce your own sugar level quickly and effectively.

How to reduce blood sugar quickly

Blood glucose increase is no joke, endocrine diseases require daily control and a well thought out nutrition system. If sugar rises to a high level, it is worth seeing a specialist immediately. But in any case, it is necessary to know how to reduce the sugar at home without assistance. In this material – the top of the proven lyfkhaks to stabilize glucose levels in the body.

How to quickly reduce blood sugar
High sugar levels have a negative effect on overall well-being, but in some cases it can be brought back to normal by efforts. The causes of glucose increase are as follows:

endocrine malfunctions;
immune disorders caused by infectious diseases;
malfunction of the pancreas;
liver diseases;
eating disorder;
emotional distress;
alcohol consumption;
premenstrual syndrome.
With the help of properly selected nutrition it is realistic to maintain sugar levels within acceptable limits. Foods with a low glycemic index should form the basis of the diet.

Sugar-boosting products should be excluded from the menu. Read the composition on the packaging carefully; sugar can even be found in canned foods, sausages and other finished products. Honey is also undesirable to eat: it can raise glucose levels as well as more harmful sweets.
Add to the diet: non-fat fish and meat, nuts, whole grains, avocado, citrus, black currant, green vegetables, pumpkin, radish, turnip, beet.
Keep saturated fats to a minimum: sausages, cheeses, fatty yogurts, pastries and other non-dietary foods should be excluded from the menu. Give preference to healthy unsaturated fats: olive oil, salmon, olives and olives, nuts (especially raw almonds and walnuts), avocados.
Eat small portions, but often, you can snack on a handful of nuts, unsweetened fruits and vegetable salads, and a glass of non-fat kefir.
To remove glucose from the body drink 2-3 liters of clean water per day. You can also drink unsweetened green tea and herbal supplements.
How to quickly reduce blood sugar in case of diabetes: home remedies
Simple but effective sugar reduction products are available at home. They will complement the comprehensive treatment and become a wand in times of acute need:
a glass of natural zucchini, pumpkin juice or celery smoothie – these drinks are best taken on an empty stomach.
Replace coffee with chicory: it should be filled with hot water, give to infuse 1-2 hours and drink on an empty stomach before eating.
Rosehip tea will help to quickly and effectively reduce blood sugar. Fill fresh or dried berries with boiling water and insist for 12 hours. Such tea is always useful to have in the fridge for emergencies.
Oatmeal decoction is also a great sugar reduction. Cook the oatmeal flakes in a water bath, and leave the “broth” to insist in a dark place for 5-7 hours.

How to reduce blood sugar quickly

Sauerkraut and its juice is a great way to reduce blood sugar quickly and deliciously. Drink one third of a glass of cabbage juice during the day 3 times, and the cabbage itself can be used as a side dish to the main courses.
A glass of cinnamon pinch kefir is an emergency remedy to reduce blood sugar levels. Choose low-fat kefir with low preservatives, cool the drink and add some cinnamon. It is recommended to drink on an empty stomach before eating or at night, an hour before bedtime.
Natural products can be used to reduce blood sugar: roots and herbs cope with the problem quickly and efficiently. Boil lilac buds, dandelion and burdock roots (individually or together), blueberry leaves, currant and young nettle. Fresh clover is also good, broths of which can be made with alcohol or vodka. It is best to insist on herbal infusions in a dark and cool place.
How to reduce blood sugar quickly and without medication…
Exercise and regular sporting activities will help to reduce blood sugar. Exercise helps to saturate the cells with oxygen, which burns fat deposits and normalises sugar levels. Just 10 minutes of simple exercises every day, and your body will thank you!

Water aerobics.
Regular hiking and observation of the norm of steps per day.
Jogging and running at different speeds.
Riding a bike, rollerblading, skiing.
Exercises for breathing.
Breathing exercises. Yoga.

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