Very soon – the darkest holiday of the year, and this is a great reason to start a costume party with the appropriate entourage! We tell you how to make simple decorations for your room from paper and other materials.

Decorate the room with garlands of bats, hang creepy spiders and make pumpkins bloody insides – fun and creative leisure. Think of a common theme for the event to come, and we’ll tell you how to make simple Halloween paper decorations.

Ideas for decorating a house on Halloween with your own hands.
For the jewelry to be durable, use stationery glue, duct tape and thread. Do not immediately attach your jewellery to surfaces: the paint should dry first to avoid dirtying the walls and floor in the room.

How to make Halloween decorations with your own hands

To make paper decorations, you will need the following tools:
A set of coloured paper;
Coloured and black cardboard;
Dry sequins;
Double-sided duct tape;
Hard tea;
Pencils, felt-tip pens, eraser.
You’ll need: black paper, scissors, double-sided scotch, thread, and a pencil.

Find a ready-made stencil to draw the contours of a bat.
Fold up the paper several times and draw (or trace) the bat on it using the stencil.
Cut out the contours of the mouse: the paper folded several times will produce a large number of mice at once.
To make the garland long, use several sheets of black paper.
Then make holes in the ready-made bats with a hole punch and thread them down.
Ready bats from paper can be decorated with glitter or draw red eyes with felt-tip pens.

The Shadow of the Phantom
You’ll need: black paper or black-painted Watman, pencil, scissors, double-sided tape.

You can draw one element of the human body on black A4 sheets, or you can circle your friend’s silhouette and cut out a stencil on it from a piece of Watman.
Finish the figure by sticking it to the wall or door in the room with scotch tape.
You’ll need: dummies or big dolls, bandages, paint and strong tea.

Soak the bandages in strong tea for 1-2 hours, dry them at room temperature.
Wrap the dummies or dolls in dry bandages and leave the ends hanging carelessly.
Mix the red paint with the brown paint and apply the swabs in a chaotic order to the mummies’ bandages.
Such ominous guests from the tombs can be placed at the entrance to the room or painted with sarcophagi on a Watman.

Bloody pumpkins
To make pumpkins ominous, you don’t have to carve faces on them. Use bandages or toilet paper to create a bloody greenhouse atmosphere.

You’ll need a few pumpkins, bandages or toilet paper, red paint.

Soak the bandages or toilet paper in red paint, and then wrap them in pumpkins.
And pumpkins with carved insides can be filled with “blood” paper.
Sorcery hats for table setting.
You’ll need: black paper, circus, scissors, glue, toothpicks.

On black paper, draw two circles of different diameters on the circus.
Use a large hat as the base, and a small cut in half and roll in a cone (the side line of the cone pre-lubricate with glue).
Then turn the bottom of the cone inwards, apply glue and glue to the base of the hat.
Pierce the base of the hat with a toothpick and decorate it with canapes or cocktails.
Ominous traces
You’ll need: paper, printer, pencil, scissors, red paint, duct tape.

How to make Halloween decorations with your own hands

Print a stencil of a human footprint on the printer.
Use black paper for the printer or just translate the printed stencil with a pencil and cut out the footprints.
Use red paint to paint bloody stains on your footprints and then glue them to the floor and walls with scotch tape.
You’ll need: white paper, sequins, scissors, scotch.

Draw ghosts on white paper, cut it out with scissors.
Then apply glue to the ghosts and sprinkle them with glitter.
This kind of decoration is best glued to windowpanes with scotch tape.
You’ll need: black and brown paper, scissors, pencil, glue, black thread, toilet paper, scotch.

Draw the outlines of spiders on black and brown paper using the most elementary stencil.
Cut out the contours of the spiders, apply glue and glue the “fluff” of black thread.
Draw spider eyes and teeth with felt-tip pens.
Cut thin stripes from white toilet paper and glue to spider’s feet.
Use scotch to fix ready-made spiders to walls or curtains.

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