Halloween mask

Got an invitation to the festive masquerade, but no time to find a costume? It’s no trouble! In this material we will tell you how to quickly make a mask out of paper and a terrible makeup with your own hands.

On the eve of All Saints Day, the popularity of scary and fabulous masks increases several times. The fact is that everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, the mask – a universal accessory, because you do not need to spend a lot of time to make it, and you can create any image based on your own fantasies and preferences.
We have collected some of the most creative ideas, which are not difficult to translate into reality.

Scary Halloween masks with our own hands: make paper.
For the manufacture of the mask from paper, stock colored paper, paints, scissors, glue, pencils, eraser and tape and details for decoration. It can be threads, lint, feathers, rhinestones, pieces of fabric.

For starters, decide on the shape of the future mask: it can only cover the lower part of the face, eyes or completely hide the face. You can choose your favorite Halloween mask template on specialized websites or come up with a sketch yourself.

To make a Halloween mask yourself, you’ll need a ready-made stencil, thick colored paper, pencil and scissors. For ease of use, it is best to print it out on a printer and circle it with a pencil.

Scary and fabulous Halloween masks – it’s easy! The most important ingredient is a drop of fantasy.

A classic Halloween mask covers the eyes from the top of your cheekbones to your eyebrows.
The lower face mask can only cover the lips and chin. In this case it is better to choose makeup, which can be applied to the face with special paints. Bloody teeth, vampire fangs, Joker’s smile can be painted by yourself.
Classic masks on the whole face are usually made of thick paper, completely cover the oval or slightly protrude beyond the contour of the face on the sides, some have a small bump for the nose and a mouth opening.
The mask of an old witch
Draw a stencil of the oval face on white dense paper.
Use brown and yellow watercolor to paint the mask.
When the paint dries, carefully cut holes in place of eyes, mouth and leave a small hole for the nose.
Use a pencil to draw wrinkles and warts.
For the best effect on old skin, you can wipe the paper with a cotton disc moistened in tea brew.
Using double-sided tape, attach a thread to the back of the mask so that it can be fixed to the face. Here we go!
Fairy Mask
Stencil a mask for the eye area on pink or any other bright paper.
Cut through the eye holes and a small nose hole.
Lubricate the mask with glue, sprinkle it with rhinestones or dry glitter.
Glue colored feather or fuzz around the edges of the mask, but so that it does not interfere with your vision through the eye holes.
Attach a thread on the backside of the mask to the double-sided tape. It’s done!

Pumpkin Mask
In order to make a scary Halloween pumpkin mask, you’ll need a circus and orange thick paper or colored cardboard.
Draw a big circle with the circus, the diameter should completely cover your face.
Make slots for your eyes, nose and mouth.
Cut thin strips of brown paper to create a visual volume of pumpkin.
Glue the vertical stripes to the gourd.
Flomaster or red paint around the eye and mouth contours.
Stick a thread to fix the mask with double-sided adhesive tape.
Mask of female cat
The stencil of this mask is sure to be found on the Internet! This is one of the most common and simple masks for girls.

Halloween mask

Use black velvet paper to create the mask. You can decorate the mask of a female cat with dry glitter or artificial black gun. And for the most elegant look, fasten a thin black ribbon of satin on the back instead of ordinary threads.

Mummy Mask
Stencil a classic oval mask over your whole face.
Cut holes for the eyes only, mummy’s mouth is usually bandaged.
Tear the toilet paper to shreds and paint it with yellowish brown or tea brew paint.
Lubricate the mask with glue and attach pieces of painted toilet paper to it, and attach a thread on the inside of the mask to fix it. Here we go!
Halloween makeup: painted masks.
In order to draw a mask, it is not necessary to use special face paints: a lady’s cosmetics bag is enough.
For Joker’s make-up you can use powder of the lightest tones or ordinary flour, and smile with a scarlet lipstick, smearing it on the face in a characteristic clown’s look.
For flour or powder to last longer and the tone of the face to remain even: apply make-up on a well moistened face, pre-creamed or use a moist base for makeup.
Fix the painted makeup with a special spray to fix the make-up.
Black arrows can be painted with activated carbon, and the effect of shiny skin can be done as follows:
Mix a drop of tonal cream on your palm, add a pinch of dry glitter and apply it to your face.
With flour and hairspray you can create a gray wig effect: simply apply the flour to dry hair and fix with a fixation varnish.

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